Meet the Team

We're the best around ... nothing's ever going to keep us down.


Lauren Reid

Co-Host with the most

12 years old physically ... 40 years old mentally.


Rodney Hobson

Co-host who eats toast

Hobbies include Karate, Karate and on weekends Karate.


Mystery Tech

Camera Operator/Editor

Mystery tech who manages all the behind-the-scenes action.


Our Approach

We desire to bring karate stars to your homes from two distinct perspectives. Rodney approaches as a current Karate professional with over 500 students, while Lauren digs to bring a youthful approach with questions everyone of the coming generation is dying to know.

Our Story

Rodney and Lauren have been training together for over 5 years, and Lauren's brother and sister also train together. They have travelled Canada together attending karate competitions and thought what a great way to evolve by working together on this show.

Time to watch the show ...

Get on it already, learn by watching and listening! Don't waste more time!