Show Launch - Nov 1st

Join us for our show launch with 3 of the top Canadian competitors and coaches! Exclusively on iTunes & YouTube.

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Learn a little about us, from 12 year old up-and-comer Canadian National athlete Lauren Reid to Karate Professional Rodney Hobson. You may learn something new?

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We value input of our audience - if you have someone who you want to hear from, or if you have something to say, please send us a message and we will be in touch.

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Bridging the Gap


We strive to give the future karate generation access to current stars and masters.

We will interview style heads, wkf medalists, national competitors, coaches, instructors, officials and board members to showcase the unique perspectives they possess that got them where they are today.

Rodney brings the current Karate-Professional insight as a dojo head with over 500 students.

Lauren brings the next generation outlook as a wise-beyond-her-years 12 year old up and coming National competitor of Canada.


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